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www.ldoceonline.com: Longman英英辞典_Clearly screenshot
Updated Fix StreamCrm by pasharm
MeteoNook screenshot
Updated MeteoNook by eonflare14
2048game dark theme screenshot
Updated 2048game dark theme by sergio9929
Updated Just Dance now TEST by floppa
TeknoSeyir Gruvbox Dark screenshot
Updated TeknoSeyir Gruvbox Dark by veotaar
Darker ExHentai screenshot
Updated Darker ExHentai by yugibloomer1
Dark Tiktok | CSS screenshot
Updated Dark Tiktok | CSS by yugibloomer1
Incestflix Better Layout screenshot
Updated Incestflix Better Layout by yugibloomer1
Dexerto Dark 2022 screenshot
Updated Dexerto Dark 2022 by skilla
Updated BCC Article pages by damenleeturks
Updated Compact:www.liaoxuefeng.com by volving
Updated TextBackGroundLightBlue by wyattdfoster
Dracula for Hacker News screenshot
Updated Dracula for Hacker News by leozz37
ZoHo Workplace flavoured with RTL and Vazir font screenshot
scrolling image captions screenshot
Updated scrolling image captions by lexd0g
Updated ◆Speaker Deck by syon
Updated nox.bilibili.mini by oeisus
YouTube - Modern Dark screenshot
Updated YouTube - Modern Dark by ayebrian
Stack Overflow (stackoverflow.com) Neon Syntax Highlighting screenshot
Photopea Full Width screenshot
Updated Photopea Full Width by shorttimenosee
Habitica Dismounted screenshot
Updated Habitica Dismounted by citrusella
Kai screenshot
Updated Kai by agdkwu
Updated Actorle Dark Mode by lawrencewlee
Updated ◆Weblio辞書 by syon
Updated monday.com - Distraction Free by devidw
Don't care about IE screenshot
Updated Don't care about IE by kecrily
Updated Better Mogul Mosaic by vojta-dev
Updated Pebblepad Compact by jessfairbairn
Simple - Luogu -- Smart - Luogu 精简版 screenshot
Updated Emmet Documentation by bobsc
AE - Dracula Purple screenshot
Updated AE - Dracula Purple by retr0cube
Libreddit colored comments screenshot
Updated Libreddit colored comments by vednoc
CSDN 去干扰 + 可复制 screenshot
Updated CSDN 去干扰 + 可复制 by 156
react-spring.dev 增大代码字体 screenshot
Updated react-spring.dev 增大代码字体 by 156