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As a way to be more transparent, this page lists all of the mod actions.

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Banned users

0 banned users in total.

Removed styles

4 removed styles in total.

Moderator Date and time Removed style Owner of removed style Reason
gusted July 13, 2021 22:07 Guesswholikessasuke rileyfreeman Irrelevant, and not an userstyle. Incorrect data was entered as well.
vednoc July 20, 2021 13:00 Dark-WhatsApp badboy A duplicate of the original Dark-WhatsApp.
vednoc July 20, 2021 13:02 Anime @name replaces the default template - 7/6/2021, 1:41:38 PM hunterbro55 Broken and irrelevant userstyle.
gusted July 21, 2021 00:56 CloudFlare Error - HIDE YOUR IP gdyuhdhfhd Duplicate of: (original author)