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Created atApril 02, 2021 22:24

Updated atJuly 13, 2021 23:00

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Firefox and Chrome tested.
Less scrolling with a multi columns interface…..

Auto-load more Results work now !

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This Userstyle fill the windows in a multi-column page (based on window size) .

You can use too the enable options of DuckDuckGo to format the result page:
Many options are provided and you can save your preferences too.
For me on a large screen , this is 3 columns.

If you want less or more columns, you can play with the width variable of :
#links .result
(find it in my userstyles and play )
By example to have 2 columns:

#links .result {
min-height : 155px ! important;
max-height : 155px ! important;
min-width : 45% ! important;
max-width : 45% ! important;
margin-right: 4px ! important;
padding: 1px 1px 1px 35px ! important;
border: 1px solid gray ! important;

Also to see the left side panel colored (with the checkmark to show if the result was or not visited before),
use the Dark/Gray Light or the Dark theme and enable the (option “show when visited”.
See the screenshot here:
Looks even better than the screenshot with the left side panel colored.

Adaptation for GM:

- SearchPreview

- Linkify Plus Plus [ GreasyFork ] in use:

Mark text links “Linkifyed” by GM “Linkify Plus Plus

test link :
ShowAllGroups - by vispillo chez DuckDuckGo

CHANGES in v.8…v.29:
Last Corrections for:
- Adaptation for DuckDuckGo changes about results under Top results
- Top infos (visible on hover) + Fine tuning Top Infos ( Transparent background if empty + add on hover text “No more infos on hover”)
- Right Infos Panel (Map view)
- Set the height of results items (with overflow things…)

- Support the HTLM (Mobile?) version:
- Adaptation for Top “News”, Test links :

Support for the Top Info Sidebar (Expand on Hover).
Test Links:

Others Correction for:
Videos , columns, Auto load, Map Search, Carousel news….


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