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Created at2021-06-04 19:41:25

Updated at2021-09-04 23:15:01

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a Small addon for Discord Web Users to get and Enjoy a Titlebar Looks Better in Fullscreen. :D
Wordmark+ is a Addon/Theme That Adds a Titlebar to the Web Version of Discord to give user a cool wordmark like on the pc or mac versions!
- 3 Wordmarks To use Custom, Normal, and Discord logo.
- Custom text and colors
- easy to use
- The Login Page Might Break!
- Check The Notes For the Support Server Link and My Discord Tag!

Thank You :D 🎉

Thanks To Everyone Who Helped Me With this project
Thanks To The Open Styles Server and Doggybootsy#1333 & Kewl Sage from Hypesquad#2964

Quick Ports

  • To Use these versions just create a new usercss file or css file in stylus and paste one of your choice!
    Custom Wordmark Version
    css @import url(https://therealgwjosh.github.io/Workmark-Plus/src/CustomImport.css); :root{ --textmark: 'Discord - Themed By Stylus'; --lightfocused: #5568a6; --lightnormal: #313232; --darkfocused: #7289DA; --darknormal: #66696a; }
    Discord Logo Version
    css @import url(https://therealgwjosh.github.io/Workmark-Plus/src/IconImport.css);
    Discord Wordmark Version
    css @import url(https://therealgwjosh.github.io/Workmark-Plus/src/WordmarkImport.css);



  • My discord servers
  • Badge Support - https://discord.gg/qafdmryEye
  • Main Server - https://discord.gg/jmwQxmauwK
  • My tag It’sJustJosh#1156

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