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Created atApril 09, 2021 20:24

Updated atJune 13, 2021 15:33

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A DARK COLOR Style ….Simply….
But many tweaks for a better COMPACT interface, for Widescreen and small screen too !

I use it all the time, so it is more updated.
NEW : Style Updated for all these Perpetual NEW DESIGNS:
last one: JUL 2019 (no possibility to revert to the old design) - in progress….

For Firefox Only!(??)

▶ More usable (for color principally) with these Mail parameters - but since v.54, you shouldn’t need it:
See the screenshot of them:
You need to choose some particular account parameters for your yahoo mail…


▶ If some color are not good:
read: Maybe you need to choose some particular account parameters for your yahoo mail…

Cf the Parameters screenshot

► Its Userstyles version on
Yahoo New Mail - Simply Dark and Gray [USw]
► Its Userscript version on GreasyFork:
Yahoo New Mail - Simply Dark and Gray - 2020

This Userstyle is updated for all these Perpetual NEW DESIGNS….

► Last one (Oct 2020) - Now, they force us to use a “Modern Browser”:
How keeping the “NEW Yahoo Mail” and not their “Classic / Basic version”, which it’s not supported by this userstyle?
If like me, you use Waterfox Classic, you can’t continue to use their “New Mail”, only the “Basic Mail”.

So, the solution is to use an “User-Agent Switcher” addon, like this one:
User-Agent Switcher
And set it like that:
- Choose Google
- Add in the bottom field:
Here a screenshot of the settings:

But after some test, because it cause some trouble (for me on YouTube), i prefer this one now more complete and simple to use:
User Agent Switcher par Alexander Schlarb:
Its settings (Screenshots):

And that’s ok !

Some olders NEW DESIGNS:
- JUL 2019 (no possibility to revert to the old design) - in progress….
- Oct 2014
- May 2015
- June 2015 (Date Label in Mails List).

Wait for the next !

TESTED only on Firefox :
If Good for Other Browser :
Say it to me !
This Style clean all Pubs / ADDS but you can too use :
▶ This greasemonkey script:
Yahoo Mail Ad Removal (USO MIRROR)
Remove Message “ADD Yahoo for MAILTO” :
Hide "add as an application for mailto links" notifications

Note for ADBlock:
I use it with EsyList filter and that’s OK on one profile but not on an other (???) …..
If you have a problem on the Mails list view ,
watch if you have this rule enable and disable it:[id^=“yui_”][role=“presentation”] > div[id][class][aria-hidden]

For Slims and Dark ScrollBars , i use My Userstyles :
Slim Dark Scrollbar (Firefox)

It is a tweak of:
Scrollbars: Slim And Arrowless
You can test too :
Scrollbars, adjustments

▷ LAST changes :
- v.37 > 61 :
- New Agenda
- Supp Anti Ad-block overlay message
- Better compatibility for Different Themes
Corrections for:
- Mail Width and Mail write background
- Contacts page (edit)
- Divers Menus (Color Picker, Papers,Gifs, Move to etc..)
- Delete Icon, move at the begin/ right of each mail
- Tabs Active background
- Compact Mail list by moving the first mail to TOP (take care of disposition and density choosen)
- Their continual change of Top Header (Yahoo Logo, etc.. ), Font Picker, Mail Image/doc Preview, Menu, Contacts….
- Calendar Dark
- Adaptation to the New Design of 2019.07 : merged the old design userstyle with the new one

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