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▶ WIDE style For Flickriver
▶ It’s for a WIDESCREEN(1920x1080)!

Less Scrolling:
Thumbnail fit your large screen…

You can use it with:
Thumbnail Zoom Plus
▶Flickr PM :
my TWEAK Script : Icons/new links for "flickr PM"


WHAT IT do :
For a less scrolling experience,
it provide Smaller Thumbnails which fit All the screen:
- Each row display 2x4 thumbs.
- Show a Counter for each original row, so tou know where you are……

To use with:
Thumbnail Zoom Plus
Add compatibility with this addon (now you can preview the thumb on hover) :
(Shows full image when you hover over a thumbnail.)

> Change in v.9:
- Better loading when only one row.
Test link:
FlickRiver: .ruzz
- Auto loading work fine now….
- Better “Large” and “Fit Scale” views;
- Add indicator for visited images ( need you keep history in your browser settings)
It’s a part of my “Flickr WideScreen Collection”.

▶ My Flickr ALLinONE styles:
- Flickr Widescreen - ALLinONE (Part 1):
the first and principal to install
- Flickr Widescreen - ALLinONE (Part 2):
Adaptation for GM (Adaptation for some great Userscripts i use a lot , since a long time…),
and Additional styles for some some unused pages.
- - Flickr WideScreen - Dark & Grey

► So far, you should install these 3 userstyles for a better results.

►To install Userstyles (CSS customization) :
or better now:
Stylus, Easily install themes and skins for many popular sites [all Browsers Addons]
Stylus Addons).

► To install them all at once, as userscript or Userstyles, a new alternative (in test yet, less updated…) :
Flickr WideScreen Dark and Grey - BigONE - TEST UserCSS style + JS
About this new function in GreasyFork, read:
[Beta] User CSS support

► For Better result you need to use dark and minimal scrollbars with it (“minimal” because without it, some scrolling list can lost columns):
For Firefox Quantum / Chrome (with Stylus):
Overlay Scrollbars - easy customizable
For Waterfox “Classic” 56:
My Firefox - Slim Dark Scrollbar

► These Styles are better with this Useful Addon to preview thumbnail on hover:
Thumbnail Zoom Plus

► You can test too my other Usertyles (Many are better for A WIDE SCREEN (1920x1080)!):
- [NEW] For Favorites pages ( v.1 02.06.2020):
Flickr WideScreen - ALLinONE - Favorites Small
- For Flickr Viewers :
Flickr WideScreen (Viewers) - DACKR Viewer
Flickr WideScreen (Viewer) - FlickRiver
Flickr WideScreen (Viewers) - FlickrHiveMind

▶ You Can Find Many Other Updated Infos About Flickr Extensions / Userscripts / Userstyles / Applications..
In :
► My BIG List (After New Photo Page Design (avr 2015)) - Updated 2020.

I have Updated all links from (defunct) ,
to point now to (Archives))

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