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LicenseGNU General Public License

Created at2021-02-04 18:44:12

Updated at2021-07-04 22:28:07

Applies todiscord.com


Makes Discord be a nice and warm brown-orange colour theme, using my lantern colour theme(https://github.com/BraveSimp/lantern-theme)
Other changes:
* Completely hides blocked messages
* Hides “(edited)”
* Hides Nitro shop tab and nitro button
* Hides Mute/Unmute channel button
* Hides Notes on user
* Disable background darken when hovering a message
* Autohide channels list (Credit to \xynstr#0300)
* Sticker blocking (Credit to https://github.com/spinfish/spinfish)
* Better playing modals (spotify, normal and streaming) (Credit to https://github.com/LuckFire)
* Better user pop out and status selection


If you want to change up anything, css file is documented well enough to do so, I’ll update it soon™
Credits to spinfish, LuckFire on github and multiple people from the stylus discord

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