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LicenseGNU General Public License

Created atApril 02, 2021 18:44

Updated atApril 27, 2021 10:42

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Makes Discord be a nice and warm brown-orange colour theme, using lantern theme (https://github.com/Gitleptune/lantern-theme)
Other changes:
* Completely hides blocked messages
* Hides “(edited)”
* Hides Nitro shop tab and nitro button
* Hides Mute/Unmute channel button
* Hides Notes on user
* Disable background darken when hovering a message
* Autohide channels list (Credit to \xynstr#0300)
* Better user pop out and status selection
* More minimal UI
* Fully customizable just by changing the first few variables


If you want to change up anything, css file is documented well enough to do so, everything is based on the first few variables.
Credits to spinfish, LuckFire on github and multiple people from the Stylus discord.

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