Kind Content guidelines

Last updated August 7, 2021

We'd like to clarify that these guidelines are only effective on the website.

Purpose"USw") encourages their users from anyone who wishes to add/import/review/explore UserCSS styles("styles"), to be able to do so. People shouldn't feel discouraged from participating in this community.

In order to ensure the safety and quality of styles, we encourage anyone to make a conscious effort into following these guidelines to the best of their ability.

We'd like to note and clarify that actions¹ will be taken to ensure the safety and quality of content on the USw platform.

These guidelines suggest specific ways to accomplish that goal.


  • As a platform that hosts UserCSS styles, USw highly discourages to host/post other content then UserCSS styles.

  • USw allows hosting screenshot(s) of your style(s), please use this screenshot to show what your style looks like when it's installed.

  • As noted, USw hosts screenshot(s) for their styles, please remember that not everyone is of consent age in their respective country, therefore we discourage the usage of not safe for work ("NSFW") images for these screenshot(s).

  • When you're writing a review of a style, please give constructive feedback, which will help the author improve the style. USw discourages writing reviews that are based on feedback which doesn't help the author improve the style.

  • Please remember that you don't have to write a review if you don't want to.

  • Please recognize that criticism/feedback of your styles is not a personal attack on you.

  • Please don't raise unrelated topics/off-topic while writing a style review.

  • Please don't use the review/feedback system to report bugs. While these help the author, this system is not the correct way to report them. Try to contact the author directly and/or check for a support URL in the UserCSS style.

  • Please don't upload styles that discriminate against certain group or groups of people.

  • Please don't try to post other people's work, but if you do, ensure that the license of the original work allows this. USw highly discourages posting other people's work if their license is not permissive of it. Also, please try to give credit to the original author.


  1. To clarify "actions", we say that trusted users and admins have the ability to remove styles/users if they heavily and/or repeatedly violate these guidelines. This is to accomplish the goal explained in Purpose. This is how tries to enforce these guidelines.