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Kind Content guidelines

Last updated August 7, 2021

We'd like to clarify that these guidelines are only effective on the website.

Purpose"USw") encourages their users from anyone who wishes to add/import/review/explore UserCSS styles("styles"), to be able to do so. People shouldn't feel discouraged from participating in this community.

In order to ensure the safety and quality of styles, we encourage anyone to make a conscious effort into following these guidelines to the best of their ability.

We'd like to note and clarify that actions¹ will be taken to ensure the safety and quality of content on the USw platform.

These guidelines suggest specific ways to accomplish that goal.



  1. To clarify "actions", we say that trusted users and admins have the ability to remove styles/users if they heavily and/or repeatedly violate these guidelines. This is to accomplish the goal explained in Purpose. This is how tries to enforce these guidelines.