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Free and open-source, community-driven platform for sharing and browsing UserCSS userstyles, and a replacement for, made by the userstyles community.

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What sets us apart from other platforms.


We don't track you, and we won't sell, share, or mine your data.


We won't let others track you either: no ads, no third-party cookies.

Lightweight and fast

We care about performance and aim to be as fast as possible.


Built with accessibility and usability in mind from the start.

Easy to get started

Takes a couple of minutes to sign up and upload your first userstyle.

No vendor lock-in

Host your userstyles anywhere with self-contained UserCSS format.

Stylus integration

Publish or push updates for your userstyles with a few clicks.

Mirror userstyles

Sync your userstyles from other places, including USo-archive.


Made as a joint effort between userstyle authors and users.

Free/Libre Software

Licensed under AGPLv3, the most protective copyleft license.

Featured userstyles

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Screenshot of Tweaks
Updated Tweaks by vednoc
Screenshot of Dark-GitHub
Updated Dark-GitHub by vednoc
Screenshot of Dark-WhatsApp
Updated Dark-WhatsApp by vednoc
Screenshot of GitHub Dark
Updated GitHub Dark by stylishthemes
Screenshot of Wikipedia Dark
Updated Wikipedia Dark by stylishthemes
Screenshot of Dark-Instagram
Updated Dark-Instagram by vednoc
Screenshot of Cleaner Stylus
Updated Cleaner Stylus by Freeplay
Screenshot of YouTube DeepDark Material
Updated YouTube DeepDark Material by raitarohikami
Screenshot of CloudFlare Error - Dark Mode & Hide IP
Updated CloudFlare Error - Dark Mode & Hide IP by pabli
Screenshot of - Dark Theme
Updated - Dark Theme by pabli
Screenshot of Mikeys Mod (V.4.4) (FONT FIX) | Roblox
Updated Mikeys Mod (V.4.4) (FONT FIX) | Roblox by gallifory
Screenshot of github-monday
Updated github-monday by karl255
Screenshot of Tutanota Modern (rewritten)
Updated Tutanota Modern (rewritten) by Freeplay
Screenshot of Dark Docs
Updated Dark Docs by winghongchan
Screenshot of Mastodon Modern
Updated Mastodon Modern by Freeplay
Screenshot of Libreddit colored comments
Updated Libreddit colored comments by vednoc
Screenshot of Old Youtube Layout In 2021-2022
Updated Old Youtube Layout In 2021-2022 by sapondanaisriwan
Screenshot of GitHub Custom Contributions
Updated GitHub Custom Contributions by vednoc
Screenshot of Repositories Grid For GitHub
Updated Repositories Grid For GitHub by sapondanaisriwan
Screenshot of Cinny Enhancement Suite
Updated Cinny Enhancement Suite by vednoc
Screenshot of Clean YouTube
Updated Clean YouTube by 0ko
Screenshot of Old Twitter Logo
Updated Old Twitter Logo by sapondanaisriwan
Screenshot of Shades & Slides
Updated Shades & Slides by winghongchan
Screenshot of Google Darkest Fusion
Updated Google Darkest Fusion by ATX
Screenshot of Clean DeepL
Updated Clean DeepL by 0ko
Screenshot of Simplified Ecosia
Updated Simplified Ecosia by cecilia-sanare

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