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YouTube Player Buttons Remover by pabli

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Choose which buttons you want to remove from the YouTube Player and also buttons under the player.


Source code

/* ==UserStyle==
@name           YouTube Player Buttons Remover
@version        1.1.2
@description    Choose which buttons you want to remove from the YouTube Player
@author         Pabli
@license        MIT
@preprocessor   stylus

@var            number   h1        "REMOVE:"                      [1,1,1]
@var            checkbox hideall   "Everything from the player"   0
@var            checkbox gradient  "Background under the buttons" 0

@var            number   h2        "▲ --- PLAYER TOP --- ▲"       [2,2,2]
@var            checkbox titlec    "Channel Logo"                 0
@var            checkbox titley    "Video title"                  0
@var            checkbox playlist  "Playlist"                     0
@var            checkbox watchl    "Watch later"                  0
@var            checkbox share     "Share"                        0
@var            checkbox copylink  "Copy link"                    0
@var            checkbox cards     "Cards"                        0
@var            checkbox cardst    "Cards teaser"                 0
@var            checkbox overflowb "Overflow button"              0

@var            number   h3        "▼ --- PLAYER BOTTOM --- ▼"    [3,3,3]
@var            checkbox morevideo "More videos"                  0
@var            checkbox anno      "Annotations"                  0
@var            checkbox prbar     "Progress bar"                 0

@var            number   h31       "◣ --- BOTTOM LEFT --- ◣"     [3.1,3.1,3.1]
@var            checkbox prev      "Prev"                         0
@var            checkbox play      "Play"                         0
@var            checkbox next      "Next"                         0
@var            checkbox vol       "Volume"                       0
@var            checkbox timed     "Time"                         0
@var            checkbox chapter   "View chapter"                 0

@var            number   h32       "◢ --- BOTTOM RIGHT --- ◢"    [3.2,3.2,3.2]
@var            checkbox autonav   "Autoplay"                     0
@var            checkbox fuller    "Scroll for details"           0
@var            checkbox subtitles "Subtitles"                    0
@var            checkbox settings  "Settings"                     0
@var            checkbox multicam  "Multicam"                     0
@var            checkbox mplayer   "Miniplayer"                   0
@var            checkbox pipb      "Picture in Picture"           0
@var            checkbox sizeb     "Theater mode"                 0
@var            checkbox remote    "Play on TV"                   0
@var            checkbox full      "Full screen"                  0

@var            number   h4        "▼ --- UNDER THE PLAYER --- ▼" [4,4,4]
@var            checkbox like      "Like/Dislike"                 0
@var            checkbox share2    "Share*"                       0
@var            checkbox download  "Download"                     0
@var            checkbox thanks    "Thanks*"                      0
@var            checkbox clip      "Clip*"                        0
@var            checkbox save      "Save*"                        0
@var            checkbox report    "Report*"                      0
@var            checkbox sponsor   "Join"                         0
@var            checkbox subs      "Subscribe/Subscribed"         0
@var            checkbox subbed    "Subscribed*"                  0
@var            checkbox ico       "Show icons only"              0
@var            number   p41       "*Chrome/Edge 105+, Opera 91+, Firefox 121+ or your browser has to support ':has()' selector. Also set youtube language to: English, Spanish or Polish" [4.1,4.1,4.1,4.1]

==/UserStyle== */

@-moz-document domain("") {

d() {display: none !important}

if hideall   {.ytp-chrome-bottom,.ytp-chrome-top,.annotation,.ytp-pause-overlay,.ytp-gradient-top,.ytp-gradient-bottom {d:n}}
if gradient  {.ytp-gradient-top,.ytp-gradient-bottom {d:n}}
//            .ytp-chrome-top
if titlec    {.ytp-title-channel {d:n}}
if titley    {.ytp-title {d:n}}
if playlist  {.ytp-playlist-menu-button {d:n}}
if watchl    {.ytp-watch-later-button {d:n}}
if share     {.ytp-share-button {d:n}}
if copylink  {.ytp-copylink-button {d:n}}
if cards     {.ytp-cards-button {d:n}}
if cardst    {.ytp-cards-teaser {d:n}}
if overflowb {.ytp-overflow-button {d:n}}
//            .ytp-chrome-bottom
if morevideo {.ytp-pause-overlay {d:n}}
if anno      {.annotation {d:n}}
if prbar     {.ytp-progress-bar-container {d:n}}
//            .ytp-left-controls
if prev      {.ytp-prev-button {d:n}}
if play      {.ytp-play-button {d:n}}
if next      {.ytp-next-button {d:n}}
if vol       {.ytp-volume-area {d:n}}
if timed     {.ytp-time-display {d:n}}
if chapter   {.ytp-chapter-container {d:n}}
//            .ytp-right-controls
if autonav   {[data-tooltip-target-id="ytp-autonav-toggle-button"] {d:n}}
if fuller    {.ytp-fullerscreen-edu-button {d:n}}
if subtitles {.ytp-subtitles-button {d:n}}
if settings  {.ytp-settings-button {d:n}}
if multicam  {.ytp-multicam-button {d:n}}
if mplayer   {.ytp-miniplayer-button {d:n}}
if pipb      {#movie_player div.ytp-chrome-controls button.ytp-pip-button.ytp-button {d:n}}
if sizeb     {.ytp-size-button {d:n}}
if remote    {.ytp-remote-button {d:n}}
if full      {.ytp-fullscreen-button {d:n}}
//            .top-level-buttons
ytd = 'yt-button-view-model:has([aria-label*='
if like      {ytd-menu-renderer segmented-like-dislike-button-view-model {d:n}}
if share2    {{ytd}{&"Share"]),&"Compartir"]),&"Udostępnij"]) {d:n}}}
if download  {ytd-menu-renderer ytd-download-button-renderer {d:n}}
if thanks    {{ytd}{&"Thanks"]),&"Gracias"]),&"Podziękuj"]) {d:n}}}
if clip      {{ytd}{&"Clip"]),&"Klip"]) {d:n}}}
if save      {{ytd}{&"Save to playlist"]),&"Añadir"]),&"Zapisz na playliście"]) {d:n}}}
if report    {{ytd}{&"Report"]),&"Denunciar"]),&"Zgłoś"]) {d:n}}}
if sponsor   {#sponsor-button {d:n}}
if subs      {#top-row #subscribe-button {d:n}}
if subbed    {#top-row #subscribe-button:not(:has(#notification-preference-button[hidden])) {d:n}}

if ico {
	yt-button-view-model .yt-spec-button-shape-next__button-text-content,
	ytd-download-button-renderer .yt-spec-button-shape-next__button-text-content {
	} .yt-spec-button-shape-next__icon {
		margin-right: 0
		margin-left: 0



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