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More noticable focus, space out text, disable animations, and more!


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Source code

/* ==UserStyle==
@name           Accessibility Tools
@version        1.0.2
@description    More noticable focus, space out text, disable animations, and more!
@preprocessor   stylus

@namespace      Freeplay
@author         Freeplay (

@var text notice 'Please use the "Stylus" browser extension instead of "Stylish"!' "''"

@var checkbox disableAnim "Disable Animations" 1

@var checkbox betterFocus   "Focus Outline" 1
@var color focusColor       "  ↳ Outline Color" #00a4f8

@var checkbox enableSpacing "Override Text Horizontal spacing" 1
@var number wordSpacing     "  ↳ Word Spacing" [.15, 0, 2, .05,'em']
@var number charSpacing     "  ↳ Character Spacing" [.1, 0, 2, .05,'em']

@var checkbox enableLineHeight "Override Text Vertical Spacing" 1
@var number lineHeight         "  ↳ Vertical Spacing" [1.5, 1, 2, .1]

@var checkbox enableFontSize "Override Font Size (May not work well on some sites)" 0
@var text fontSize           "  ↳ Size" "16px"

@var checkbox enableFontWeight "Override Font Weight" 0
@var number fontWeight         "  ↳ Weight (no suffix)" [600, 100, 900, 100]

@var select fontStyle    "Font Style" [
	"Website default",
	"System: System Font",
	"Custom: Use a custom font set below"
@var text fontName       "  ↳ Custom Font Name: Font must be installed on your computer, and is case sensitive. Place in quotes" '"Arial"'

==/UserStyle== */
- Better Defaults
- Added Line Height

textList = "*, p, span, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, input, button, li, ul, a, button, select, label"

if betterFocus {
	* {
		outline: 0px dashed transparent !important;
		outline-offset: 2px;
		if not disableAnim {
			transition: outline 2s, outline-offset 1.5s .5s, border 1s;
	:focus-visible {
		outline: 1px solid focusColor !important;
		outline-offset: 10px !important;
		box-shadow: 0 0 4px 2px focusColor !important;
		opacity: 1 !important;
		if not disableAnim {
			transition: outline .3s, outline-offset .7s, border .2s !important;

if enableSpacing {
	{textList} {
		letter-spacing: charSpacing !important;
		word-spacing: wordSpacing !important;
		if not disableAnim {
			transition: letter-spacing .7s, word-spacing 1s;
if enableLineHeight {
	{textList} {
		line-height lineHeight !important
		if not disableAnim {
			transition line-height .2s

if enableFontSize {
	html, body {
		font-size: fontSize !important;

if enableFontWeight {
	{textList} {
		font-weight: fontWeight !important;
if fontStyle == System {
	{textList} {
		font-family: system-ui !important;
if fontStyle == Custom {
	{textList} {
		font-family: fontName !important;

if disableAnim {
	html, html *, div, div *, 
	html::after, html::before, html *::after, html::before {
		transition: unset !important;
		animation-duration: 0s !important;
		scroll-behavior: unset !important;


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