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OSM Editor Customizer by AlexPS

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Color Customizer for OpenStreetMap iD Editor


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Source code

/* ==UserStyle==
@name         OSM Editor Customizer
@version      20240403.12.29
@description  OSM Editor Customizer
@author       AlexPS
@advanced dropdown compacteditbuttons "Compact Edit Buttons" {
    compacteditbuttons0 "Off" <<<EOT /**\/ EOT;
    compacteditbuttons1 "On" <<<EOT .ideditor .top-toolbar {background: transparent; height: 40px; padding: 0; position: fixed; margin-top: 10px; width: fit-content;}
.ideditor .joined>* {border: none;}
.toolbar-item.old-modes .label {display: none;}
.ideditor .top-toolbar .toolbar-item .item-label {display: none;} EOT;
@advanced dropdown polygonlinewidth "Polygon Line Width" {
    polygonlinewidth0 "1px" <<<EOT /**\/ EOT;
    polygonlinewidth1 "2px" <<<EOT .ideditor path.area.stroke {stroke-width: 2px;} EOT;
    polygonlinewidth2 "3px" <<<EOT .ideditor path.area.stroke {stroke-width: 3px;} EOT;
    polygonlinewidth3 "4px" <<<EOT .ideditor path.area.stroke {stroke-width: 4px;} EOT;
    polygonlinewidth4 "5px" <<<EOT .ideditor path.area.stroke {stroke-width: 5px;} EOT;
    polygonlinewidth5 "6px" <<<EOT .ideditor path.area.stroke {stroke-width: 6px;} EOT;
@advanced dropdown polygonfiller "Polygon Filler" {
    polygonfiller0 "Default" <<<EOT /**\/ EOT;
    polygonfiller1 "0px" <<<EOT .ideditor .fill-partial path.area.fill {stroke-width: 0px;} EOT;
    polygonfiller2 "10px" <<<EOT .ideditor .fill-partial path.area.fill {stroke-width: 10px;} EOT;
    polygonfiller3 "20px" <<<EOT .ideditor .fill-partial path.area.fill {stroke-width: 20px;} EOT;
    polygonfiller4 "30px" <<<EOT .ideditor .fill-partial path.area.fill {stroke-width: 30px;} EOT;
    polygonfiller5 "40px" <<<EOT .ideditor .fill-partial path.area.fill {stroke-width: 40px;} EOT;
    polygonfiller6 "50px" <<<EOT .ideditor .fill-partial path.area.fill {stroke-width: 50px;} EOT;
    polygonfiller7 "60px" <<<EOT .ideditor .fill-partial path.area.fill {stroke-width: 60px;} EOT;
    polygonfiller8 "70px" <<<EOT .ideditor .fill-partial path.area.fill {stroke-width: 70px;} EOT;
    polygonfiller9 "80px" <<<EOT .ideditor .fill-partial path.area.fill {stroke-width: 80px;} EOT;
    polygonfiller10 "90px" <<<EOT .ideditor .fill-partial path.area.fill {stroke-width: 90px;} EOT;
    polygonfiller11 "100px" <<<EOT .ideditor .fill-partial path.area.fill {stroke-width: 100px;} EOT;
@advanced dropdown buildingcolor "Building Color" {
    buildingcolor0 "Default" <<<EOT /**\/ EOT;
    buildingcolor1 "Red" <<<EOT .ideditor path.stroke.tag-building {stroke: #f00;} .ideditor path.fill.tag-building {stroke: rgba(255,0,0,.3); fill: rgba(255,0,0,.3);} EOT;
    buildingcolor2 "Orange" <<<EOT .ideditor path.stroke.tag-building {stroke: #ff9800;} .ideditor path.fill.tag-building {stroke: rgba(255,152,0,.3); fill: rgba(255,152,0,.3);} EOT;
    buildingcolor3 "Yellow" <<<EOT .ideditor path.stroke.tag-building {stroke: #ffe800;} .ideditor path.fill.tag-building {stroke: rgba(255,232,0,.3); fill: rgba(255,232,0,.3);} EOT;
    buildingcolor4 "Green" <<<EOT .ideditor path.stroke.tag-building {stroke: #2aff00;} .ideditor path.fill.tag-building {stroke: rgba(42,255,0,.3); fill: rgba(42,255,0,.3);} EOT;
    buildingcolor5 "Cyan" <<<EOT .ideditor path.stroke.tag-building {stroke: #00e3ff;} .ideditor path.fill.tag-building {stroke: rgba(0,227,255,.3); fill: rgba(0,227,255,.3);} EOT;
    buildingcolor6 "Blue" <<<EOT .ideditor path.stroke.tag-building {stroke: #0000ff;} .ideditor path.fill.tag-building {stroke: rgba(0,0,255,.3); fill: rgba(0,0,255,.3);} EOT;
    buildingcolor7 "Purple" <<<EOT .ideditor path.stroke.tag-building {stroke: #af00ff;} .ideditor path.fill.tag-building {stroke: rgba(175,0,255,.3); fill: rgba(175,0,255,.3);} EOT;
    buildingcolor8 "Pink" <<<EOT .ideditor path.stroke.tag-building {stroke: #ff337a;} .ideditor path.fill.tag-building {stroke: rgba(255,51,122,.3); fill: rgba(255,51,122,.3);} EOT;

@advanced dropdown graynode "Gray Node Color" {
    graynode0 "Grey" <<<EOT /**\/ EOT;
    graynode1 "Red" <<<EOT .ideditor g.vertex.shared .stroke, .ideditor g.vertex.shared .shadow {fill: #ff0000;} EOT;
    graynode2 "Orange" <<<EOT .ideditor g.vertex.shared .stroke, .ideditor g.vertex.shared .shadow {fill: #ff9800;} EOT;
    graynode3 "Yellow" <<<EOT .ideditor g.vertex.shared .stroke, .ideditor g.vertex.shared .shadow {fill: #ffe800;} EOT;
    graynode4 "Green" <<<EOT .ideditor g.vertex.shared .stroke, .ideditor g.vertex.shared .shadow {fill: #2aff00;} EOT;
    graynode5 "Cyan" <<<EOT .ideditor g.vertex.shared .stroke, .ideditor g.vertex.shared .shadow {fill: #00e3ff;} EOT;
    graynode6 "Blue" <<<EOT .ideditor g.vertex.shared .stroke, .ideditor g.vertex.shared .shadow {fill: #0000ff;} EOT;
    graynode7 "Purple" <<<EOT .ideditor g.vertex.shared .stroke, .ideditor g.vertex.shared .shadow {fill: #af00ff;} EOT;
    graynode8 "Pink" <<<EOT .ideditor g.vertex.shared .stroke, .ideditor g.vertex.shared .shadow {fill: #ff337a;} EOT;

==/UserStyle== */

@-moz-document domain("") {


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