OzBargain Black Edition by BillyCool

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Created at2021-07-04 17:35:46

Updated at2021-07-04 18:24:08

Applies toozbargain.com.au


A highly customizable userstyle for OzBargain with numerious options and tweaks.



  1. Install the Stylus browser extension (Firefox, Chrome, Opera)

  2. Install the userstyle

  3. Enjoy


  • Customize background color, comes black by default
  • Customize text color, comes in white-ish by default
  • Customize the overall website theme color, comes with classic orange
  • Customize dollar value color in deals, comes with classic orange by default
  • Customize the percentage difference between various shades of colors
  • Hide the sidebar
  • Hide the footer
  • Hide the newsletter form
  • Hide highlighted competitions
  • Hide highlighted topics
  • Hide related stores
  • unpublished deals and topics
  • Hide social media share buttons
  • Hide sticky buttons
  • Configure various miscellaneous colors

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