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LicenseCode released under the [MIT](LICENSE) license.

Created atApril 10, 2021 10:13

Updated atApril 22, 2021 16:37

Applies toweb.telegram.com


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Dark mode implementation for Telegram Web based on the awesome Dark WhatsApp style by vednoc with many improvements and wide range of customization options.


Most features are ported from the original style, I will continue to work on it to add more cool stuff.

Feel free to contribute and make sure to check Dark-WhatsApp style by vednoc!


- Some animations including contact list hover and private mode
- Border sizes for bubbles, icons and whole page
- Hide contacts initials
- Custom icons for contacts (to match original style) (group icons currently not supported by telegram)
- Emoji popup positioning
- Vignette effect fot photo thumbs (video thumbs currently not supported)
- Compact mode
- Messages tails
- Fullscreen mode
- Custom chat window width
- Emojis and stickers transparency
- Messages bubble position
- Hide contacts icons from chat including own
- and more …

See the Changelog for more details.


To use this style you’ll need to install
first, and then click on the button below.

For more information, please follow the original style Dark-WhatsApp installation section.


If you’re using Franz or Ferdi, please take a look at dcferreira’s awesome Franz Themes Repository for more instructions on how to install the Dark-Telegram theme for Franz\Ferdi.


While GitHub is generally great for communication, Telegram is best for IM.

Feel free to join, discuss and share you themes and ideas in our Super group on Telegram.


Full credit for design goes to original style creators at vednoc.


Code released under the MIT license.

Source code

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