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A pitch black userstyle for YouTube with a number of small tweaks and improvements.



  1. Install the Stylus browser extension (Firefox, Chrome, Opera)
  2. Install the userstyle
  3. Enjoy


  • Customize background color, comes black by default
  • Increase the maximum number of grid items in subscriptions and channel pages
  • Hide reply and next buttons in the video player
  • Hide 'Watch later' button when hovering a video
  • Hide 'Add to queue' button when hovering a video
  • Hide merch in video description
  • Hide 'Join' button below the video player
  • Apply green/red color to likes and dislikes
  • [YouTube Blocker] Only show block icon when hovering a video


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Source code

/* ==UserStyle==
@name 「YouTube Black Edition」
@namespace BillyCool
@version 1.1.3
@description A pitch black userstyle for YouTube with a number of small tweaks and improvements.
@author BillyCool
@license GPL-3.0-or-later
@preprocessor stylus

@var color bg-1 "Background color" #000
@var range max-grid-size "Maximum grid size" [6, 6, 16, 1]
@var checkbox hide-prev-next "Hide replay and next buttons in video player" 0
@var checkbox hide-watch-later "Hide watch later button" 0
@var checkbox hide-add-queue "Hide add to queue button" 0
@var checkbox hide-merch "Hide merch in video descriptions" 0
@var checkbox hide-join "Hide join button below video player" 0
@var checkbox like-dislike-color "Colored likes/dislikes" 0
@var checkbox hover-block "[Youtube Blocker] Show block icon on hover only" 1
==/UserStyle== */
@-moz-document domain("") {
    html:not(.style-scope)[dark], :not(.style-scope)[dark] {
        --yt-spec-general-background-a: bg-1;
        --yt-spec-general-background-b: bg-1;
        --yt-spec-brand-background-primary: bg-1;
        --yt-spec-brand-background-solid: bg-1;
        --ytd-searchbox-background: bg-1;
        --ytd-searchbox-legacy-button-color: bg-1;
        --ytd-grid-max-width: calc(100% - 160px);
        --ytd-grid-6-columns-width: (1284 / 6 * max-grid-size)px; /* var(--ytd-grid-6-columns-width) == 1284px */

    if (hide-prev-next) {
        .ytp-prev-button, .ytp-next-button {
            display: none !important;

    if (hide-watch-later) {
        #hover-overlays .ytd-thumbnail[aria-label="Watch later"] {
            display: none !important;

    if (hide-add-queue) {
        #hover-overlays .ytd-thumbnail[aria-label="Add to queue"] {
            display: none !important;

    if (hide-merch) {
        #merch-shelf /* Compatibility */ {
            display: none !important;

    if (hide-join) {
        #sponsor-button {
            display: none !important;

    if (like-dislike-color) {
        #like-bar.ytd-sentiment-bar-renderer {
            background: green !important;

        #container.ytd-sentiment-bar-renderer {
            background: red !important;

    if (hover-block) {
        ytd-thumbnail {
            .ytbck-quickblock {
                display: none !important;

                ~/:hover ^[1..-1] {
                    display: block !important;
                    background: var(--yt-spec-general-background-a) !important;


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