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Just Dance Now Edition menu by leo



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new era of just dance now


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/* ==UserStyle==
@name         Just Dance Now now menu
@version      0.94
@description  Just Dance now style! - Pre-release
@author       alxs
@license      No License

@advanced dropdown avatar "Choose your Avatar!" {
S1 "Wanderlust" <<<EOT EOT;
S2 "Rasputin" <<<EOT EOT;
S3 "Chacarron" <<<EOT EOT;
S4 "Epsilon (Stay)" <<<EOT EOT;
S5 "Agent D" <<<EOT EOT;
S6 "Romeo" <<<EOT EOT;
S7 "Juliet" <<<EOT EOT;
S8 "Watch Out For This" <<<EOT EOT;
s9 "Sweet Sensation" <<<EOT EOT;
s10 "Boys with love" <<<EOT EOT;
s11 "Woman" <<<EOT EOT;
s12 "Night Swam" <<<EOT EOT;
s13 "Call Me Maybe" <<<EOT EOT;
s14 "Good 4 u" <<<EOT EOT;
s15 "Boy you can keep it" <<<EOT EOT;
s16 "Skibidi" <<<EOT EOT;
s17 "Boss Witch" <<<EOT EOT;
s19 "Dibby Dibby" <<<EOT EOT;
s20 "Levitating" <<<EOT EOT;
s21 "Oh No" <<<EOT EOT;
s22 "Can't stop the feeling (Sara)" <<<EOT EOT;
s23 "Dark Horse" <<<EOT EOT;
s24 "Baiana" <<<EOT EOT;
s25 "Jack Rose" <<<EOT EOT;
s26 "Sua cara ALT" <<<EOT EOT;
s27 "Think" <<<EOT EOT;
s28 "Mood (P1)" <<<EOT EOT;
s29 "Starships" <<<EOT EOT;
s30 "Make it Jingle" <<<EOT EOT;
s31 "Lat Friday Night (TGIF)" <<<EOT EOT;
s32 "Happier Than Ever" <<<EOT EOT;
s33 "Boombayah" <<<EOT EOT;
s33 "Mihaly Rather be" <<<EOT EOT;
s34 "Rock your body" <<<EOT EOT;
s35 "Just Dance" <<<EOT EOT;
s36 "Ghost in the keys" <<<EOT EOT;
s37 "Discoball" <<<EOT EOT;
s38 "Sexy and I know it" <<<EOT EOT;
s39 "Timber" <<<EOT EOT;
s40 "Brezziana (Physical)" <<<EOT EOT;

@advanced dropdown background "Choose Your Background!" {
S1 "Freyja's Fantasy" <<<EOT EOT;
S2 "Chaos Mountains" <<<EOT EOT;
S3 "The Dancity Bus" <<<EOT EOT;

==/UserStyle== */
@-moz-document domain("") {
:root {
        --pictobeat-color: #fff;

{background-image: none!important}
{background: none}

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