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Created atApril 29, 2021 18:24

Updated atJune 08, 2021 10:34

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Amazon - Dark slate - I’m back!

Although it applies to many many amazon sites it is only tessted on so there may be some inconsistences on other other countries sites.

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If you use and like feel free to buy me a coffee, paypal:

Update: Colored tracking section, bar etc etc
Update 2: Cleared out some more orange.
Update 3: More re-colors as I notice them.
Update 4: Thank you box colored, think we are nearing completion!
Update 5: Added support.
Update 6: Comparison blocks themed.
Update 7: Killed some banners.
Update 8: Black Friday table color.
Update 9: Fixed wishlist bug.
Update 10: Nav should be fixed, where they added an advert and put a border around the element.
Update 11: Prime video has a border fix, thanks to Mr Nathan Smith for finding the culprit.
Update 12: Fixed caution banners always showing on orders page.
Update 13: Colored nav-flyouts to match theme.
Update 14: Themed add to list popup. Next is to fix cancel order section, this will done once I place another order.
Update 15: Themed pagination page nav.
Update 16: More wish list tweaks.
Update 17: Fixed cancellation area colors.
Update 18: 3 more nice fixes, profile section white removed, picture review white background fixed, navbar flyout sidebar background fixed.
Update 19: results cards themed! believe we are nearing completion.
Update 20: Gift card section themed.
Update 21: Killed orange nav text.
Update 22: FIXED profile page.
Update 23: Fixed orders header.
Update 24: New hud fix and ad removal.
Update 25: Fixed hud arrow positioning.
Update 26: working on the new front page layout, WIP, not 100% happy with it.
Update 27: Boom! fixed the front page, thank me with a donation ;)
Update 28: Ok they broke it again but I fixed it AGAIN.
Update 29: Quick look popup themed.
Update 30: Fixed tracking font color.
Update 31: Loads of fixes.
Update 32: Friends List fixes.
Update 33: Video fixes.
Update 34: A literal ton of fixes, including fully themed Amazon drive.
Update 35: Wish list tweaks.
Update 36: Front page redesign, removed most green apart from some text.
Update 37: Major overhaul

This is about 95% done at the moment, it’s such a huge site that I will have missed parts, I’ll update as I notice them.
It’s pretty tidy as is though and the front page has lost all the clutter.

Please consider a donation no matter how small, I can’t work due to serious ill health and everything helps.

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