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Created atApril 03, 2021 10:58

Updated atJuly 13, 2021 23:01

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For a wide Screen and the YouTube new Design:

Player stay fixed at the LEFT side.
- Videos related and in queue on the RIGHT side
- Infos, Comment on the RIGHT side ( visible on hover their tabs)
- Progress Bar is always visible
So, you can watch the video AND read infos / Comments, choose next video without problem.

Its Userscript version (GeasyFork):
Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer)


For a Wide Screen and the YouTube new Design:

Player stay fixed at the LEFT side.
- Title on top video
- Videos related and In Queue /Playlist on the RIGHT side
- Infos, Comment, Live Chat” tabs on the RIGHT side (visible on hover their respective tabs)
- Progress Bar is always visible
- Support for no Dark mode.
- Counter for comments really loaded
- Support for more YouTube pages (Channels, Playlist, etc…, Youtube Music )
So, you can watch the video AND read infos / Comments (by hovering their tabs) without problem.

Notes about v.16:
CY Fung helped me a lot about how find a way to load the comments in its container.
Hey I just find these two css are critical to your success

I invite you to drop an eye to CY Fung work.
In first:
Tabview Youtube - Make comments and lists into tabs which is nearly close to this userstyles but with more flexibility.
And he work to add support for an other great userscript, to make them working together :
Youtube Play Next Queue

Sadly, actually “Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer)” don’t work fine with its “Tabview Youtube”.
Maybe in future…

“Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer)” Userscripts support for:
- Video Speed Buttons
- Youtube - dismiss sign-in
- Automatic Material Dark-Mode for YouTube
- Youtube Play Next Queue:
“Works better than the official queue IMO (which doesn’t persist between tabs and elongates video URLs, for example)
- Youtube - Search While Watching Video (Here an standlone version which it is include in “Youtube Play Next Queue”
- YouTube Progressbar Updater:
Forces the YouTube progress bar to update even when it’s supposed to be hidden.

- Youtube Middle Click Search:
Middle clicking the search on youtube opens the results in a new tab.
- YouTube Time Remaining
- YouTube Links:
Download YouTube videos. Video formats are listed at the top of the watch page. Video links are tagged so that they can be downloaded e
- YouTube: Age Verification Bypass (by u00F8)
- Close YT Confirmations:
Need Tweak for YT MUSIC + INCLUDE
- Remove Youtube Activity Check - Removes youtube’s new “are you still there” experiment.
- Youtube Music Genius Lyrics (for YouTube Videos)
- Youtube Genius Lyrics (for YouTube Musics)

Seems working too with:
- Youtube Scrollable Suggestions
- Allow full screen on embedded Youtube
- Space-efficient Youtube

- Youtube Fix channel links in sidebar recommendations
- Youtube polymer engine fixes
- Youtube UI Fix:
If you need access to its settings page without login to YouTube, go here (but yet i have a “404” pages…):
Youtube UI Fix Options

Change in > v.17:
- Try to make White Theme better after comment of CY Fung:
Will you update its appearance??

- CY Fung helped me a lot about how find a way to load the comments in its container.
Hey I just find these two css are critical to your success

- Other Corrections for (last in first):
Problem with Quantum in Full Screen, Videos Related Loading, Comments Container position, Preview Thumbnails, Search Text input, Placeholder and suggestions color in Dark Mode, Parameters popup, Embed Player, Transcription and Report, Dismiss popup, Playlist Video pages, Channel Top Header Video, Fix for Progress-Bar Chapters, Test for Embedded videos, etc ….

About Particular GM adaptations:
- Follow closely all Updates of GM “Youtube Play Next Queue”
- Correction for support GM “YouTube: Age Verification Bypass:
See Related videos panel right

Adaptation for some special video size :
- Correction video player: center movie.
By example for horizontal center:
and vertical center:

Gifs Screenshots

Gif Screenshot (general):

Infos, Comments Tabs

Chat tabs:


for Youtube 360° and Nivida Drivers (which Crash Waterfox Classic) :
Read this topic:
/2021.04)But now seems fixed by the last update of Waterfox Classic:
Waterfox 2021.03 Release
About “Agent switcher”: Since an recent Update of Waterfox classic, we don’t need use it because Youtube load now “normaly”.
But if it is broken again:
Use with Waterfox Classic and User-Agent Switcher by Alexander Schlarb, chose as settings:
- Force for the domain (the first one)
- Robot: Google Bot

It’s Userstyle version, in 3 others places:
Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer)

OR on USO Archive (better because more fast and less buggy):
Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer) [USO]

OR in a NEW place which work very well (in Beta):
Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer) [USw]


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