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35 styles in total.

DuckDuckGo - Multi-Columns v.33 screenshot
Updated DuckDuckGo - Multi-Columns v.33 by decembre
Youtube WideScreen (New Design Polymer) v.42 screenshot
Userstyles / Greasy Fork Enhancer Dark-Grey v.229 screenshot
Flickr Widescreen (Part 1) v.208 screenshot
Flickr Widescreen (Part 2) v.208 screenshot
Flickr WideScreen - Dark & Grey v.208 screenshot
GooGle - Multi-Columns Dark and Gray v.49.5 screenshot
Mozilla Addon Widescreen NEW design v.134 screenshot
Yahoo New Mail - Simply Dark and Gray - 2022 v.65 screenshot
R.E.S.F. Education Sans Frontieres-Dark/Grey v.15 screenshot
Stream - DuckDuckGo - Streaming Helper v.17 screenshot
Stream - Tolbek + Clones Widescreen v.43 screenshot
Flickr WideScreen (Viewer) - FlickRiver v.15 screenshot
Userscripts-mirror Helper v.10 screenshot
Flickr WideScreen (Viewer) - DACKR - v.7 screenshot WideScreen Dark and Gray V.10 screenshot
Telerama - Voir Notes (Sans Inscription) v.2 screenshot
Telerama WideScreen - New design v.30 screenshot
UserStyles.World (USw) - WideScreen v.38 screenshot
AlloCine - ByPass v.1 screenshot
Updated AlloCine - ByPass v.1 by decembre
Flickr WideScreen - BigONE v.208 screenshot
Flickr WideScreen - Pool No Beta - Small v.161a screenshot
Flickr WideScreen - Favorite (Small) v.195 screenshot Without Limit v.5 screenshot
Updated Without Limit v.5 by decembre
Flickr WideScreen - Notification BIG Image v.207 screenshot Without Limit v.1 screenshot
Updated Without Limit v.1 by decembre
IMDb Compact - Movie Page + GM Tweaks  v.25 screenshot
GMAIL Highlight Unread mail v.2 screenshot
Updated GMAIL Highlight Unread mail v.2 by decembre
Invidious (All Instances) Player And Tabs v.2 screenshot
IMDb - Dark and Gray Simple v.8 screenshot
IMDb Compact - New Names Pages v.8 screenshot
Comment Ca Marche - FIX Waterfox Classic v.1 screenshot
Web Archive Mini Top ToolBar v.1 screenshot