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It’s ONLY for a WIDESCREEN(1920x1080)!
► The Goal: use at its maximum my WideScreen:
- for the shots (Maximize the number of shots visible in the window)
- for the Info (scroll list and hover)
- for an admin happy life (adaptation for selected Greasemonkey scripts)
- Less scrolling with a compact and useful styled interface.
- Less “IN THE FACE” style (Smaller version of the shots in Photo Page and Justified Views).

NEW (2020.04):
To install all parts of “Flickr Widescreen - ALLinONE” at once,
you can use my userscript [Greasyfork]:
Flickr WideScreen - BigONE - UserCSS (userstyle)

Greasy Fork now supports User CSS as defined here for use with Stylus or as UserScript, read:
[Beta] User CSS support


My Userstyles on USO Archives (Faster and more usable than
Decembre [ Archive]
And NEW (2021.03) on (New site to post our Userstyles:
decembre [USw]

▶ All My Flickr ALLinONE styles:
- Flickr Widescreen - ALLinONE (Part 1):
the first and principal to install
- Flickr Widescreen - ALLinONE (Part 2):
Adaptation for GM (Adaptation for some great Userscripts i use a lot , since a long time…),
and Additional styles for some some unused pages.
- - Flickr WideScreen - Dark & Grey

► So far, you should install these 3 userstyles for a better results.

►To install Userstyles (CSS customization) :
or better now:
Stylus, Easily install themes and skins for many popular sites [all Browsers Addons]
Stylus Addons).

► To install them all at once, as userscript or Userstyles, a new alternative:
Flickr WideScreen - BigONE - UserCSS (userstyle)
About this new function in GreasyFork, read:
[Beta] User CSS support

► For Better result you need to use dark and minimal scrollbars with it (“minimal” because without it, some scrolling list can lost columns):
For Firefox Quantum / Chrome (with Stylus):
Overlay Scrollbars - easy customizable
For Waterfox “Classic” 56:
My Firefox - Slim Dark Scrollbar

► Better with Addon for images preview:
- Thumbnail Zoom Plus, Firefox Addon par David Adler (support discontinued) :
Shows full image when you hover over a thumbnail.
But you can use too (same usage):
- Imagus
- Image Max URL

NEW: ► Fight these New Flickr Adds (2020):
With Chrome and Firefox Quantum:
Use uBlock Origin by Raymond Hill
(New 2020.10) For Waterfox Classic you need too:
Scriptlet Doctor
uBlockOrigin - Del “Upgrade to Flickr Pro to hide these ads” (with Addon “Scriptlet Doctor”)

► You can test too my other Usertyles (Many are better for A WIDE SCREEN (1920x1080)!):
- [NEW] For Pool BETA (2020):
Flickr WideScreen - Pool No Beta - Small
- [NEW] For Favorites (2020):
Flickr WideScreen - ALLinONE - Favorites Small
- For Flickr Viewers :
Flickr WideScreen (Viewers) - DACKR Viewer
Flickr WideScreen (Viewer) - FlickRiver
Flickr WideScreen (Viewers) - FlickrHiveMind

► Better with them - Useful greasemonkey companions (write by me):
- Flickr - AUTO ShowAllGroups (Photo Page)
- Flickr - AUTO View User Infos and More Comments
- Flickr - AUTO Video Play
- Flickr - AUTO Video Replay
- Flickr - AUTO More Mini Thumbnail:
This script move the Mini-thumbnail under the user buddy icon and expand it on hover while it auto load more thumbnail in it.
An indicator show the origin of the mini-thumbnail:
- Stream
- Favs
I use it always to navigate in stream, favs etc…. from Photo page.

► Greasemonkey’s Scripts that i use a lot too:
- Flickr ★ Surf (USO Mirror)
► Scripts Broken? read :
Photopage scripts broken (HTTPS?)
▶ You Can Find Many Other Updated Infos About Flickr Extensions / Userscripts / Userstyles / Applications..
In :

► My BIG List (After New Photo Page Design (2014)) - Updated 2020.

▶Change in v.47….170:
- Move Divers Counter to “Flickr WideScreen - Dark & Grey” for Userstyle CSS Size….
- Remove the test “Add Indication for “User Block You” in Photo page.
- Fav Star - rework (Flat style: Not the NEW ugly animation)
- Improve the Pool Beta and No Beta pages
- Remove Small view in Pool BETA
- Improve Menu (after click on “edit” icon near buddy) on the photo page to Editing Photo (need too “ALLinONE Part 2”)
- Fav icon in Photo page
- Mini Thumbnail in photo page
- Photo page: Comment Form Enlarge (height on hover) + Emoji Comments
- Map indicator in Photo Page.
- Add a Dark Minimal style for readability (but it’s better to use my :
Flickr WideScreen - Dark & Grey
(you can remove it - Top of my CSS - if you don’t like)
- General Corrections (last one in first):
Fav Star in Gall, Pool leave button, Recent Activity pages, Top header improve, Help Forum, Toggle Button Beta Pool, Discussions for Pool BETA, Bell Notifications, Justified (No Beta), Pool Justified No Beta (disposition) , Empty Poll, Camera Roll, Adaptation other languages, no ADS in Photo page ……

►► What This Userstyle Change ? :
Some special advantages are offer by this Userstyle:

► Hidden Flickr Nav bar:
Hide the Top Nav Bar until you hover the Litlle Red Arrow ( at the middle/ top).
or the MAIL Alert Envelope Icon with the number of Mails Waiting (Appear only if you receive a mail…)

►► PHOTO Page Very Clear:
The Place for the photo is big (Heavy Use of Hover…).
All is visible in the windows without scrolling.
Infos / Actions are moved on Right Side of the Photo:
- Left Side/ 23 space for the Photo or Video
- Right Side: 13 space for Infos and Actions.

- PHOTO Title on Top, Description stay at the bottom (hidden until you hover an arrow)
- Comment Form moved Right Side, Near User Avatar.
- Comments are hidden and visible until you hover the “Comment Icon” near the Comment Form.
They are shown by an overlay on the picture. A Comment counter is added to know where you are… .
- Polls / Sets / Favs List: Counter, Scrollable , and compacted (Use Hover if too long).
- Panels “People in this Photo”, “Tags” and “About Flickr”: Moved at the bottom of the page (visible on hover too).

Alternative to the Justified in the ARCHIVES pages:
Show the Hidden Options Bar.
So, Now you can chose the ARCHIVES Thumbnail size (Square - Small - Madium - Large)

Thumbnail Zoom Plus facility:
Always maintain the capacity to use Thumbnail Zoom Plus, Firefox Addon and see the larger Photo.

All “too flashy” Generics Buddy User Icons are muted :
Styled to be gray by a grayscale filter

►► Others Pages:
- All Thumbnails (Small and Justified): Total restyle
- Justified View :
. Row counter.
. Pagination Vertical on the left side.

Many small adaptations are done in many part of Flickr Pages….
You need to test it !

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