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Updated atJune 08, 2021 10:33

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For Large screen:
Use all the windows size for less scrolling….
Now with a Dark flavour …

It’s for TOBLEK-like variants sites (many!):
Good movies selection and quality

Original site:
Tolbek (CLOSED 06.2020):


For other TOBLEK variants:

To find them you can use my:
Stream - DuckDuckGo - Streaming Helper
This userstyle signal all false streaming sites and others bad things around them.
Don’t lost your time with them….

NEW 22.09.2020:
Now, they change the way to serve theire movies:
- they use HDLS / m3u8, which can’t be downloaded with “FlashGot” or “Easy Video Downloader” as before

So to download a movie here, you need now:

The Stream Detector, by rowrawer:
Click its icon to open its menu which present video link found.
Copy the real link of the video.

And in Youtube-dlG - Fork of youtube-dl, with infterface GUI [Korben Blog in french]

Here the direct link to the app:
youtube-dl-gui [a GitHub Project]

Other alternative(I test / use it):
Tartube - The Easy Way To Watch And Download Videos: YouTube, BitChute, and hundreds of other websites

It’s in it you paste this URL of the video to download it….
Example of these link (.m3u8):

I think it is possible too to rename the movie title before start downloading - not tested no…
And download!

Another Problem:
The downloaded movie, as far i have the only good method, can’t be play in VLC (but work in the Media Player of Windows…).
So, hmmmf, we need to convert them, with a tool like:
Any Video Converter Freeware
and convert it to another format.

Yet, i use to convert a Custom Format i created.

Customized MP4 Movie (*.mp4):

Codec Video: X264
Debit Video: 1024
Taux Frame: 25
Aspect Video: Auto
Encode Pass: 1

Codec Audio: aac
Bitrate audio: 128
Taux Echantillonnage: 44100
Canal audio: 2

It work well:
After conversion , i can play the movie in VLC.

More infos :
- youtube-dl: Get the videos you want to keep [Reddit]
- Comment utiliser et maitriser Youtube-dl pour télécharger des vidéos comme un champion ?
- youtube-dl - README [GitHub]
- youtube-dl-gui [GitHub]
- The Stream Detector [Firefox addon]

Other interesting way to view the video on your TV, the “screen mirroring ” or “Smart view “ of your Android engine:
Comment utiliser la fonction screen mirroring du Chromecast

Deprecated NOTE from before these changes:
If you want download movie from them, you can’t use FlashGot (which fail here, by only downloading 1ko of the movie).
On these sites, you need to use:
Easy Video Downloader
Easy to use you can to, before downloading, rename the movie.

But not working anymore since recent changes in these “Tolbek-variants” sites.

Source code