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Hey there, I'm Cody I love playing Nintendo games and watching anime my favorite game series from Nintendo is Animal Crossing and my favorite anime is Clannad I also like to play Splatoon been playing that since the first game on the Wii U all the way up to the newest entry on the Nintendo Switch I like using the Custom Splattershot Jr. and my favorite idol in the game is Marie I also play as an Octoling ever since they were added in Splatoon 2 umm yea this is all I can think of putting in the bio so that's it lol


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Screenshot of Dark My Nintendo
Updated Dark My Nintendo by codymkw
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Updated Blur for NSFW Themes by codymkw
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Updated Dark Nintendo Account by codymkw
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Updated Blur Images on Twitter by codymkw
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Updated Youtube Featured banner hider by codymkw
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Updated Twitter Verified Checkmark Remover by codymkw
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