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Q: Will you make a theme for X site?
A: I'm open to suggestions, but I'll make themes for sites I feel doing. I don't have an obligation do to anything.

Q: Can I use your theme or part of it for X thing?
A: All my themes have no license, this means that by default I don't give any rights for them besides personal use. You can contact me though if you want to use part of my themes.

Q: How can I contact you?
A: You can contact me on Discord: Darkuwu#2946


6 styles in total.

Voiranime Dark screenshot
Updated Voiranime Dark by darkissou Dark Theme screenshot
Updated Dark Theme by darkissou
Gameginie Dark Theme screenshot
Updated Gameginie Dark Theme by darkissou
Mediafire Ultimate Theme screenshot
Updated Mediafire Ultimate Theme by darkissou
Patreon Dark Theme screenshot
Updated Patreon Dark Theme by darkissou
Pronote Dark Theme screenshot
Updated Pronote Dark Theme by darkissou