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Updated Anime Youtube (Sword Art Online) by phoebe_chua
Updated meinDiscord by phoebe_chua
Updated Korilakkuma [Tumblr cursor] by phoebe_chua
Updated One PieceYt by phoebe_chua
Updated GDOC_DARK by dec-iade
Updated Drive_DARK_MODE by dec-iade
Updated STYLUS_DARK by dec-iade
Updated GAS_DARK by dec-iade
Screenshot of DARK NovelAI Wiki
Updated DARK NovelAI Wiki by luminescenttrent
Screenshot of Compact Tube (White) v1.8.2
Updated Compact Tube (White) v1.8.2 by jakill02
Updated Fix Shared Email Template by pasharm
Screenshot of nordhub
Updated nordhub by sheep
Screenshot of Mikeys Mod (V.4.4) (FONT FIX) | Roblox
Updated Mikeys Mod (V.4.4) (FONT FIX) | Roblox by gallifory
Screenshot of TikTok Darkmode+
Updated TikTok Darkmode+ by xyadx
Updated MyAnimeList CAPTCHA badge remover by anilegend
Updated Mod Theme by booperdooper255
Screenshot of Youtube RetroWave
Updated Youtube RetroWave by xyadx
Screenshot of Youtube My Theme+
Updated Youtube My Theme+ by xyadx
Screenshot of PokeTube
Updated PokeTube by xyadx
Screenshot of Facebook Cyber Hud+
Updated Facebook Cyber Hud+ by xyadx
Updated Recoloring TOPdesk operator section by arnaudbrouwer
Updated Topd by arnaudbrouwer
Screenshot of MinimalSpotify
Updated MinimalSpotify by davdi1337
Updated Wiki Fixed ToC by pluff
Updated double check better view by mah454
Screenshot of Old Upload youtube 2016
Updated Old Upload youtube 2016 by damian2x
Screenshot of sel-be_QOL
Updated sel-be_QOL by kuroi_mato_o
Updated by manugamer96
Screenshot of youtube player simplify
Updated youtube player simplify by clso
Updated Myth-weavers Dark (for sheets) by trapsinplace
Screenshot of OLD new VK v5.0.6
Updated OLD new VK v5.0.6 by jakill02
Screenshot of Wekan ModernDarkUpgrade
Updated Wekan ModernDarkUpgrade by hradec
Screenshot of CompactTube (White) v1.5.8+(17ak)EVO
Updated CompactTube (White) v1.5.8+(17ak)EVO by jakill02
Updated Dark Proxmox VE version by hradec
Screenshot of ◆Google 検索
Updated ◆Google 検索 by syon