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Screenshot of Kikimora - November 2023 (UPDATE READY)
Updated Kikimora - November 2023 (UPDATE READY) by delysia
Screenshot of htmlquizbot
Updated htmlquizbot by clacanny
Screenshot of MEC2Stylus
Updated MEC2Stylus by MECH2-at-Github
Updated Kanboard CSP - nov. 2023 by BertrandH
Screenshot of telegram privacy style
Updated telegram privacy style by jamir-boop
Updated Goldhill - November 2023 (UPDATE READY) by delysia
Screenshot of austiblox to roblox
Updated austiblox to roblox by artemhao
Screenshot of Popin - 1 - Dev mode
Updated Popin - 1 - Dev mode by FlorianJourde-FACILiti
Screenshot of Audit - 1 - Font size
Updated Audit - 1 - Font size by FlorianJourde-FACILiti
Screenshot of Audit - 2 - Letter-word spacing
Screenshot of Rose Pine Dawn
Updated Rose Pine Dawn by jondoebeep
Screenshot of Audit - 3 - Line-spacing
Updated Audit - 3 - Line-spacing by FlorianJourde-FACILiti
Screenshot of Audit - 4 - Link-spacing
Updated Audit - 4 - Link-spacing by FlorianJourde-FACILiti
Screenshot of Audit - 5 - Font-family
Updated Audit - 5 - Font-family by FlorianJourde-FACILiti
Updated Morizon & Otodom: Show visited links by msichal
Screenshot of Tomorrow R34
Updated Tomorrow R34 by Gobo
Screenshot of Jira - Wide modals
Updated Jira - Wide modals by mattnakama-skytap
Updated TEST by Catalyst-GP
Updated - 2023年11月 by Shomnipotence
Screenshot of Old Skip Ads Button
Updated Old Skip Ads Button by underscoreangel
Updated localhost:3000 - Nov 2023 by Radhadd10
Updated lol by Haverking
Screenshot of amazon - colorful
Updated amazon - colorful by thermalzombie
Updated [Dark mode] by afonsoneto
Screenshot of Allegro Darkest Fusion
Updated Allegro Darkest Fusion by ATX
Updated Athena - Hilight Abnormals in Yellow by whi7ed3vil
Updated w2g fullscreen dark mode watchtogether by user784598415286
Updated Spotify by MarinaOutOfHouse
Updated Grimoire's Theme by Monet
Updated BitBucket - Dark (Updated 2023-11-30) by KCLAnthonyDiaz
Screenshot of dark mode
Updated dark mode by Antikyth
Screenshot of Redesign DTF Tweaks
Updated Redesign DTF Tweaks by thejenja
Updated WMF Wikipedia Library collections compressor by iaremsen
Updated UserStyles.GitHub by ssatoh17
Updated Accessibility SE App by Radhadd10
Updated Dnevnik BG by tezei