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Updated portaltube by gravitos-the-unthinkable
Screenshot of Night Reading - FanFiction
Updated Night Reading - FanFiction by cendov
Screenshot of Twitch Dark Theme
Updated Twitch Dark Theme by mudachyo
Screenshot of Invidious-suckless
Updated Invidious-suckless by anakojm
Updated Dark mode - horariodebrasilia by lixtrix
Updated ◆THESAURUS.COM by syon
Updated Mensa Uni-SB/HOM by achtdreizehn
Screenshot of Proton Mail Carbon Editor theme
Updated Proton Mail Carbon Editor theme by breat
Screenshot of Powtions - Skyrim dark theme
Updated Powtions - Skyrim dark theme by volkischexe
Screenshot of Veritas Darkmode myschoolapp theme
Updated Veritas Darkmode myschoolapp theme by jackatk
Screenshot of DuckDuckGo - More On Smaller Viewports
Updated DuckDuckGo - More On Smaller Viewports by squarecrow
Updated HPMoR Easy Dark by ufrost
Updated horizontal cohost by fournm
Screenshot of Flixtor Dark Theme
Updated Flixtor Dark Theme by deeznews
Screenshot of Tweaks to Pobre TV (defunct)
Updated Tweaks to Pobre TV (defunct) by deeznews
Updated Google Classroom decayce Mode by xploien
Screenshot of Tweetdeck 20230209 rework
Updated Tweetdeck 20230209 rework by kasuga0046
Updated David, dieser hier by chrischris
Updated ニコニ貢献 軽量化&圧縮 by nms
Screenshot of Wikipedia content width unlocker
Updated Wikipedia content width unlocker by ccuser44
Screenshot of 9/2/2023, 7:38:03 pm
Updated 9/2/2023, 7:38:03 pm by anay2002a
Screenshot of Discord theme for Tabnews
Updated Discord theme for Tabnews by samuelmayer
Updated fix by f0xss
Screenshot of Return YouTube material buttons
Updated Return YouTube material buttons by stashymane
Updated Phyric Theme by whitthemes
Updated Messenger Dark Mode by ninjaaaaah
Screenshot of YouTube Studio Firefox
Updated YouTube Studio Firefox by lesboy
Screenshot of Spacehey - Dark Mode [NO LONGER UPDATED]
Updated Spacehey - Dark Mode [NO LONGER UPDATED] by werewire
Updated StreamCRM communication dashboard by pasharm
Screenshot of ----
Updated ---- by wykopchanger
Updated Remove Unfollowed Featured Weibos by harukaeru