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Improve read for wide screen screenshot
Updated Improve read for wide screen by faketurn
AccessControlTabelView v2.0 solid-bg screenshot
Game Focus screenshot
Updated Game Focus by mynotaurus
macOS Elk screenshot
Updated macOS Elk by slippinggitty
Iowa State University - Autumn Theme screenshot
Deep Blue Theme schulportal.hessen.de screenshot
Dark MyAnimeList 2023 - [ Lightweight + Includes Lists ] screenshot
Blaseball Light Mode, Sort Of screenshot
Updated Blaseball Light Mode, Sort Of by faeiri
blaseball but some of the text is larger screenshot
Fanatical.com - Expanded description and carousel screenshot
Twitter.com - compact(er) header screenshot
Updated Okoun Midnight 2 by leknin
Wykop Classic screenshot
Updated Wykop Classic by stasiu
Just Dance 4 screenshot
Updated Just Dance 4 by naima
mikamika screenshot
Updated mikamika by jaterxx
Minimized Conversation List Google Messages screenshot
Updated Personio Attendance by wout
Nitro Purple Theme screenshot
Updated Nitro Purple Theme by supansup
vkplay.live chat improve screenshot
Updated vkplay.live chat improve by ikepus
Nordic Darker BitChute Theme screenshot
Updated Nordic Darker BitChute Theme by plex
Updated Remove TumblrMart Icon by xserawrites
indiegala.com - Expanded description and carousel screenshot
Updated Hoopla: Hide Comics UI by gatesda
Late 2011/2012 HTML5 Player screenshot
Updated Late 2011/2012 HTML5 Player by tersiswilvin
Web Archive Mini Top ToolBar v.1 screenshot
Updated Switch20XX by anatomica
Dark MyAnimeList 2023 - [ Lightweight + Excludes Lists ] screenshot
Dark MyAnimeList 2023 - [ Easy to Edit ] screenshot
Better GXG? (gx.games) screenshot
Updated Better GXG? (gx.games) by osamajt
Highlight Slack Mentions screenshot
Updated Highlight Slack Mentions by jondpenton
Updated beta.character.ai dark mode by grie
DeepWood Ficbook screenshot
Updated DeepWood Ficbook by grie
Updated Messages for Web Theme by aecampos
Updated Symphony's Theme by skye