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Updated MyHeritage: Remove SuperSearch Box by whi7ed3vil
Updated Lynx' Theme by skye
Screenshot of LearnCpp - Color overhaul
Updated LearnCpp - Color overhaul by TangoZ2
Updated Cosmetica drag & drop upload fix by perilstar
Screenshot of (READ DESC) YouTube's 2012-2015 HTML 5 Player
Updated (READ DESC) YouTube's 2012-2015 HTML 5 Player by epikool
Screenshot of (READ DESC) YouTube 2013 for Rehike
Updated (READ DESC) YouTube 2013 for Rehike by epikool
Screenshot of mastodonDarkPostBox
Updated mastodonDarkPostBox by white-spaced
Screenshot of True dark roblox
Updated True dark roblox by skyflair
Screenshot of Simply Sweet
Updated Simply Sweet by SweetHeartRose
Screenshot of Ultraviolet
Updated Ultraviolet by thayer
Updated - 6/25/2023, 9:33:05 AM by YesSeri
Screenshot of Dark Mode
Updated Dark Mode by antidamage
Screenshot of quick and dirty dark mode
Updated quick and dirty dark mode by antidamage
Screenshot of 氩洛谷-改 Argon Luogu++
Updated 氩洛谷-改 Argon Luogu++ by TLEWA
Screenshot of BILIBILI 收藏 FavList 宽屏优化
Updated BILIBILI 收藏 FavList 宽屏优化 by magicdawn
Screenshot of Fix YouTube Music Album Art Margin
Updated Fix YouTube Music Album Art Margin by oRevived
Updated Nord Lemmy Brasil by daviii-lopes
Screenshot of Pretty Floating Subs
Updated Pretty Floating Subs by minnieo
Updated HT Zoom by ht2547
Screenshot of Better CSS/JS Editor
Updated Better CSS/JS Editor by minnieo
Screenshot of YouTube Dark / Pink
Updated YouTube Dark / Pink by rippelz
Screenshot of faenaria | No Kofi Button
Updated faenaria | No Kofi Button by wyrm312772
Updated FHQX EVANGELION THEME by sjnosukequy
Screenshot of CHILL DISCORD
Updated CHILL DISCORD by sjnosukequy
Updated Emojipedia: large emoji in different fonts by myfonj
Screenshot of CYBERPUNK 1337x
Updated CYBERPUNK 1337x by sjnosukequy
Updated Facebook Makima by sjnosukequy
Screenshot of Skeuomorphic Theme for sssTwitter
Updated Skeuomorphic Theme for sssTwitter by magnum22
Screenshot of retro ms-teams 98.css
Updated retro ms-teams 98.css by dxmdeveloper
Updated Cleancord by bbambiku
Updated Reasonable ad size by LWChris
Screenshot of Bluesky - Unheck Dark
Updated Bluesky - Unheck Dark by maeknight
Screenshot of archwiki banana
Updated archwiki banana by midiidev
Screenshot of wiki catppuccin
Updated wiki catppuccin by cndofx
Screenshot of Kbin Better Page Navigation
Updated Kbin Better Page Navigation by minnieo