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Screenshot of Dracula for WhatsApp
Updated Dracula for WhatsApp by druxorey
Updated Kick catppuccin mocha by SilvVF
Updated Justice by Dietr1ch
Updated Baidu-Dark by madisontanle
Screenshot of serif text
Updated serif text by hitsmaxft
Screenshot of 华硕路由器界面字体修复
Updated 华硕路由器界面字体修复 by TheJiahao
Screenshot of MyAnimeList Dark/Green
Updated MyAnimeList Dark/Green by ogian
Updated EasyVista Dracula by NoFall
Updated toyaku_webclass_dark_3 by 3pino
Updated Clinical Taskboard Widener by CrimsonVex
Updated Auto-expand message in MS Teams by rewdy
Screenshot of - styles for larger thumbnail userscript
Screenshot of Lichess Racer in a Line
Updated Lichess Racer in a Line by SergioGlorias
Screenshot of Indexxx - Compact WideScreen Dark and Gray v.239
Updated Hide New Twitch Features by MenheraFoxGood
Updated by SashaPutsyk
Updated gitlab pink black by ChiefRocka
Screenshot of Pronouny - Dark Mode
Updated Pronouny - Dark Mode by werewire
Updated SDMB Serif Font by chbarts
Screenshot of FuckYou YouTube Logo - Fixed 2.0
Updated FuckYou YouTube Logo - Fixed 2.0 by MonoScyron
Screenshot of [SNK] Tumblr
Updated [SNK] Tumblr by snake
Screenshot of compact and reddit-like
Updated compact and reddit-like by virgil31
Updated - 6/23/2023, 2:55:43 AM by fergo92
Updated by xiggi
Screenshot of Night Sky Patrol Discord Theme
Updated Night Sky Patrol Discord Theme by MonoScyron
Screenshot of AniList Redesigned
Updated AniList Redesigned by reitenth
Screenshot of Databricks Notebook highlights
Updated Databricks Notebook highlights by dschultz
Screenshot of Blur spoilery images on
Updated Blur spoilery images on by mzzfederico
Screenshot of SteamUnlocked Grid view
Updated SteamUnlocked Grid view by pmint05
Updated MyHeritage: Remove SuperSearch Box by whi7ed3vil
Updated Lynx' Theme by skye
Screenshot of LearnCpp - Color overhaul
Updated LearnCpp - Color overhaul by TangoZ2
Updated Cosmetica drag & drop upload fix by perilstar
Screenshot of (READ DESC) YouTube's 2012-2015 HTML 5 Player
Updated (READ DESC) YouTube's 2012-2015 HTML 5 Player by epikool