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Updated Steam Store - Minor tweaks and fixes by denilsonsa
Updated by thegamesmendev
Screenshot of DreamySweet's Custom Lemmy Theme
Updated DreamySweet's Custom Lemmy Theme by DreamySweet
Screenshot of Upwork Dark Theme
Updated Upwork Dark Theme by barmaleyko
Screenshot of Invidious modern CSS (pre alpha)
Updated Invidious modern CSS (pre alpha) by nikko
Updated hidden-youtube-reaction by SuperMekabu
Updated Blue NitroType Theme by ExperiencedRacer
Updated Hide cruft on Prime Gaming by joequincy
Updated - 23.02.2023, 11:53:12 by legolegs
Screenshot of sky's lemmy tweaks
Updated sky's lemmy tweaks by skylestia
Screenshot of beehaw/lemmy customization
Updated beehaw/lemmy customization by catchy
Updated Nix pkgs dark theme by midiidev
Screenshot of Pocketbase dark theme
Updated Pocketbase dark theme by sergio9929
Updated dsfdsd by Mikaela
Updated SkyKeeper theme by whitthemes
Updated Free HR theme template by whitthemes
Screenshot of Lemmy Deep Rounded
Updated Lemmy Deep Rounded by Jumuta
Screenshot of 9Anime Theater Mode
Updated 9Anime Theater Mode by hyper
Updated Remove annoying YT stuff by alpharetzy
Screenshot of Blips to Twitter
Updated Blips to Twitter by furgotten12
Updated old roblox fixed by spliitbtw
Updated by helagro
Screenshot of Highway to Sincerity
Updated Highway to Sincerity by GGShon
Screenshot of Dark, Slim Navbar fix
Updated Dark, Slim Navbar fix by custard2022
Screenshot of 2016 Youtube Studio UI
Updated 2016 Youtube Studio UI by brenden7158
Screenshot of youtube better ambient
Updated youtube better ambient by dantelin2009
Screenshot of Live Stream Chat Font Enlarger
Updated Live Stream Chat Font Enlarger by diabeto
Updated 华盛顿邮报-去广告 by hanshou101
Screenshot of Lemmy dark theme
Updated Lemmy dark theme by VILPAUTOEE
Updated No Ads by SashaPutsyk
Updated Fixed wide v2 by SashaPutsyk
Updated dark wood ficbook by dprofe07
Updated Reddit - Reduce Spoilers by alkarnur
Screenshot of Lemmy grey theme
Updated Lemmy grey theme by VILPAUTOEE