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Screenshot of ChatGPT: Better Plugin Menu
Updated ChatGPT: Better Plugin Menu by m1kethai
Screenshot of kleanbin
Updated kleanbin by raltsm4k
Screenshot of Hide Distractions
Updated Hide Distractions by sapondanaisriwan
Screenshot of Savannah Dark Mode (Basic)
Updated Savannah Dark Mode (Basic) by WithLithum
Screenshot of Gitlab Kawaii
Updated Gitlab Kawaii by TachibanaKimika
Screenshot of - Large 3D viewer
Updated - Large 3D viewer by denilsonsa
Screenshot of - Improved directory listing layout
Screenshot of Emma UI (Light)
Updated Emma UI (Light) by teacherbuknoy
Screenshot of Roblox Dark Material 2023
Updated Roblox Dark Material 2023 by ppurplux
Updated Remove summer challenge by kuzurreesh
Screenshot of Google Remake
Updated Google Remake by Baldywaldy09
Updated Scribd Soft Dark by lpil
Screenshot of TOPdesk - Thwarted Summer Shower
Updated TOPdesk - Thwarted Summer Shower by tatermysalad
Screenshot of BitView Dark Theme
Updated BitView Dark Theme by DrDevGuy
Screenshot of TOPdesk - Mermaid Lagoon
Updated TOPdesk - Mermaid Lagoon by tatermysalad
Updated kbin small mods by Amongog
Screenshot of Cinematic Night Mode
Updated Cinematic Night Mode by TheDogman
Updated SilkyV Theme by hedera
Screenshot of HN Pretty
Updated HN Pretty by krruzic
Screenshot of Rumble Black
Updated Rumble Black by krruzic
Screenshot of Youtube remove SHORTS from hashtag search
Updated Youtube remove SHORTS from hashtag search by umi
Updated MASTODON AWESOME MODE by vantablack
Updated Remove All Fonts Everywhere by rimu
Screenshot of Rounded Tildes - Vignesh
Updated Rounded Tildes - Vignesh by vignesh-seven
Screenshot of ProtonMail Deep Black Inbox
Updated ProtonMail Deep Black Inbox by femoto
Updated by TanishPathade
Updated OneDark ticktick by zb3k
Updated Wikipedia Beautified by pooya
Updated RouterOS-Dark-Slate by Malathair
Updated Kiara Theme by whitthemes
Screenshot of - Better layout for the download links
Updated Steam Store - Minor tweaks and fixes by denilsonsa
Updated by thegamesmendev
Screenshot of DreamySweet's Custom Lemmy Theme
Updated DreamySweet's Custom Lemmy Theme by DreamySweet