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Screenshot of 4pda ( ) dark style
Updated 4pda ( ) dark style by barmaleyko
Screenshot of xkcd: Wide screen layout
Updated xkcd: Wide screen layout by rybak
Screenshot of LinuxFromScratch - Readable DarkMode
Updated LinuxFromScratch - Readable DarkMode by ultraflame4
Screenshot of YouTube Studio Old Icons
Updated YouTube Studio Old Icons by ytuserstyles
Screenshot of Old Google 2013
Updated Old Google 2013 by 2013internetlover
Screenshot of Twitter stupid simple mental health keeper upper
Updated by Unseeable871
Screenshot of Tufte AO3
Updated Tufte AO3 by tencurse
Screenshot of Digg v4 for Tildes
Updated Digg v4 for Tildes by twnlink
Screenshot of 1440p Lemmy
Updated 1440p Lemmy by Vorthas
Screenshot of Neil cicierega
Updated Neil cicierega by valxoaz
Updated Elspeth by melissa25
Updated Pocket by wintus
Screenshot of Inkapedia DarkMode fix
Updated Inkapedia DarkMode fix by SoaringGecko
Screenshot of F-List Custom Font
Updated F-List Custom Font by sierramontana
Updated 아카라이브 사이드바 제거 by SBJ083
Screenshot of Clean YouTube
Updated Clean YouTube by 0eoc
Screenshot of - Dracula theme
Updated - Dracula theme by lctoye
Screenshot of rizz
Updated rizz by 9rih
Updated Scrollbar Fix DARK MODE by thealkaris
Updated Klau theme by whitthemes
Updated ChatGPT RTL mode by nadavkav
Screenshot of F-Chat Alternate Userlist Icons
Updated F-Chat Alternate Userlist Icons by sierramontana
Screenshot of F-Chat Shrink Icons and Eicons
Updated F-Chat Shrink Icons and Eicons by sierramontana
Screenshot of F-Chat Less Overt Ads
Updated F-Chat Less Overt Ads by sierramontana
Screenshot of - thumbnail resize sliders
Updated - thumbnail resize sliders by gmiwoj
Updated Robin chawwn by dev
Screenshot of 放大二维码
Updated 放大二维码 by Chuck-Ray
Screenshot of Dark Wolf
Updated Dark Wolf by wlf0x
Screenshot of YouTube - Restore Old Trending Icon
Updated YouTube - Restore Old Trending Icon by ytuserstyles
Updated Monkey Type Immersive Redesing by Perseus333
Updated Word Box by Perseus333
Screenshot of Script Extenders Reworked
Updated Script Extenders Reworked by blyad
Updated Better CSS by SatinFoil
Screenshot of return PC header
Updated return PC header by tutah1