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Updated Ashy_ bg by melissa25
Updated Serpentard bg by melissa25
Screenshot of Tesselator/Telescope Better Dark mode
Updated Tesselator/Telescope Better Dark mode by creator318
Updated Moonlight Symphony by skye
Screenshot of Lemmy Darker (configurable)
Updated Lemmy Darker (configurable) by Aloso
Screenshot of sBBL - better UI
Updated sBBL - better UI by JOKADAR0
Screenshot of Gogoanime Theater Mode
Updated Gogoanime Theater Mode by hyper
Updated Google 2009 layout by webgirl101
Screenshot of 4thewords Annoyances
Updated 4thewords Annoyances by TooManyJens
Updated JOW Blue by FlynnAllinsky
Screenshot of Emma UI (Dark)
Updated Emma UI (Dark) by teacherbuknoy
Screenshot of Nord for Tildes
Updated Nord for Tildes by painfultruths
Updated Pickles rainbow text by mightypaypay
Screenshot of Kbin Slim
Updated Kbin Slim by the8thbit
Screenshot of bilibili直播隐藏弹幕
Updated bilibili直播隐藏弹幕 by ankoww
Screenshot of Lemonberry
Updated Lemonberry by thayer
Screenshot of Remove unused Stuff(Youtube)
Updated Remove unused Stuff(Youtube) by JensW
Updated bilibili直播全屏隐藏边栏 by u2shana
Screenshot of - kasusa 版本
Updated - kasusa 版本 by kasusa
Screenshot of Narwhalbin
Updated Narwhalbin by toadyfubgus
Screenshot of Libreddit colored comments
Updated Libreddit colored comments by j0ee
Updated - compact view by JohanAR
Screenshot of hackernews rosebox
Updated hackernews rosebox by j0ee
Screenshot of Fast ConVars
Updated Fast ConVars by 0ko
Screenshot of No suggestions - Casa OS
Updated No suggestions - Casa OS by m1n-4d316e
Screenshot of Dark Gamefound
Updated Dark Gamefound by Crawling-Flesh
Screenshot of Cleaned NewsNow .com/
Updated Cleaned NewsNow .com/ by custard2022
Screenshot of Pantanel Free Theme
Updated Pantanel Free Theme by whitthemes
Updated VK logo with Hatsune Miku fix by k4mikoto
Updated Ixia by melissa25
Updated Fill Ram by aydan122122
Updated Oficial Dracula Theme by edhik33
Screenshot of dark mode
Updated dark mode by pollution
Updated Dark ArchLinux 2023 by killerqueer
Updated by littlemarchhare
Updated without banner by hoardash