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Screenshot of New Navigation Sidebar
Updated New Navigation Sidebar by jakeparis
Screenshot of regex101 - smooth
Updated regex101 - smooth by mutte-79
Screenshot of Violet
Updated Violet by lorem-ipsum
Updated akri by sageee
Updated Customizable Discord! ✧・゚☆ by aaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Updated apnews header fix by lawrencewlee
Screenshot of Dark OneDrive
Updated Dark OneDrive by bcrussin
Screenshot of webmail srishti by chaitanyak
Updated webmail srishti by chaitanyak by c2ktheotherartist
Screenshot of WeiboH5 Dark Theme
Updated WeiboH5 Dark Theme by doowind
Updated by Schnoro
Updated AniList Amoled by xiggi
Updated Iosevka font for Stylus Extension by limingjie
Updated Iosevka font for GitHub by limingjie
Screenshot of bilibili dark theme
Updated bilibili dark theme by doowind
Updated Iosevka on CodePen by limingjie
Updated Iosevka Font on EB Gitlab by limingjie
Updated for mobile by Eribetra
Screenshot of Reddit Old Redesigned Dark For Mobile
Updated Reddit Old Redesigned Dark For Mobile by Asymm
Screenshot of Messages Google - Solarized
Updated Messages Google - Solarized by mixcraftio
Updated Jira Dark Mode by alexehouston
Screenshot of Minimal Header 2024, hide bar tags
Updated Minimal Header 2024, hide bar tags by marurunk
Updated Erimus's Force Font by erimus-koo
Updated Twitter fixes by myfonj
Screenshot of YouTube Real Cinema Mode Fixed
Updated YouTube Real Cinema Mode Fixed by animeavi
Updated Grey X any other color ! by jayden
Screenshot of Dark Animego.fixed
Updated Dark Animego.fixed by emptyacies
Updated reDesigned by bloxxy
Screenshot of -> .org 2006
Updated -> .org 2006 by jre
Updated 2000s by jre
Screenshot of Purple NameMC
Updated Purple NameMC by Cyclizar
Screenshot of Disqus | Dark and Red
Updated Disqus | Dark and Red by skyflair
Updated 灵梦御所直接显示下载链接 by hyrious
Screenshot of Shout Factory TV fix DarkReader theme
Updated Shout Factory TV fix DarkReader theme by skylestia
Updated ribbonfarm no sidebar centered layout by jannismain
Updated Kurou's Style "" by Kurou-kun
Screenshot of Wikipedia sticky table header (Vector legacy 2010)