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Updated hide linkedin bloat by meow-d
Updated remove sidebar on witch cult translation by meow-d
Updated Sunrisedream by kie0412
Screenshot of NekoWeb Full Screen Code Editor
Updated NekoWeb Full Screen Code Editor by CombustibleLemonyade
Screenshot of Dark IMDb [papo]
Updated Dark IMDb [papo] by papo
Updated Compact Hacker News by Zetaphor
Updated by skube
Screenshot of Catppuccin Aniworld
Updated Catppuccin Aniworld by DrWuzi
Updated google accounts 2024 update reversion by ivyclaw22
Updated Puzzlebaron -> Patristocrat by crystalreef22
Screenshot of new ui better
Updated new ui better by endercat126
Updated Roblox Roblox: Extended [ In-Dev ] by KingBlueDash
Updated Reddit for me by thomwalks
Screenshot of Hide Promo Banners -
Updated Hide Promo Banners - by kissaki
Updated Mobile code by kie0412
Screenshot of sunset
Updated sunset by Butterroach
Screenshot of SuperCoach Bye Baby 2024
Updated SuperCoach Bye Baby 2024 by alexmwalker
Updated by SaSh0o0k
Screenshot of Dark Forbes [papo]
Updated Dark Forbes [papo] by papo
Screenshot of simpread style: 柔焦
Updated simpread style: 柔焦 by john-walks-slow
Updated 200 Bytes of CSS by vcg3rd
Updated Theme for Whit by Eichgatzl
Updated horse page box adjustments by whitthemes
Screenshot of RBTEST DARK MODE
Updated RBTEST DARK MODE by gabrielitapipoca
Screenshot of Isopups Opaque
Updated Isopups Opaque by journeybird
Screenshot of Chess renaissance (working name) v0.3
Updated Chess renaissance (working name) v0.3 by vlieger93
Screenshot of Chess renaissance board (working name) v0.3
Updated Chess renaissance board (working name) v0.3 by vlieger93
Screenshot of Minimalist Showdown
Updated Minimalist Showdown by MashingSapphic
Screenshot of - Feb 2024
Updated - Feb 2024 by vitaly-zdanevich
Screenshot of Dogpile Solarized
Updated Dogpile Solarized by tpalmerstudios
Screenshot of clean, plain, simple,  zen mode for
Screenshot of Stardew Valley Wiki at Dusk
Updated Stardew Valley Wiki at Dusk by voltaek
Updated 2024 Reddit - Hide Sidebar on Homepage by rewqxecsvub
Updated Element Black by kevincox
Updated Proper Mojeek Dark Mode by thatonecoder