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Updated KISSANIME THEME FOR ANIWAVE by griffenhiggins
Screenshot of Classic Twitter
Updated Classic Twitter by moonieloonie
Updated old naver blog by kindongshin
Updated old naver kin by kindongshin
Updated searx naver by kindongshin
Updated 아카라이브 > 나무라이브 by kindongshin
Updated 2017 by kindongshin
Updated Papago Wide by kindongshin
Updated - dark by s-light
Updated global-dark-style by dev-ittechca-com
Screenshot of classcharts Forest
Updated classcharts Forest by AriExists
Updated Optifine - Dark Mode by xiggi
Updated Cuelang SImply Dark - déc. 2023 by jeremie-lesage
Updated YouTube Human Edition by owb
Screenshot of Intel Leap Ahead logo
Updated Intel Leap Ahead logo by aydan122122
Screenshot of YouTube 保存ボタンの救済
Updated YouTube 保存ボタンの救済 by hori68
Updated Testmo Visibility Improvements by cupkait
Updated BLKOUTHUB 2024a by BLKOUT
Updated - less distractive POIs by myfonj
Screenshot of Azure Devops Christmas Theme
Updated Azure Devops Christmas Theme by Chibi
Screenshot of Leboncoin Chrismas Login
Updated Leboncoin Chrismas Login by ddcq
Updated Reddit Hider by xiggi
Updated - Dec 2023 by fixingBadStyling
Screenshot of Binternet - Create Your Theme [Redesign]
Updated Binternet - Create Your Theme [Redesign] by tsyron
Screenshot of ニコニコ ヘッダーカスタム
Updated ニコニコ ヘッダーカスタム by yyya_nico
Updated gbatek dark by griffi-gh
Updated :is selector causing an error by wykopchanger
Screenshot of Crunchyroll Dark Theater
Updated Crunchyroll Dark Theater by Lumiere
Screenshot of DrudgeReport Dark Mode 24
Updated DrudgeReport Dark Mode 24 by intendo
Updated Wolf Mansion Custom by HitoshiroKyoka
Screenshot of Planetarium Christmas 2023
Updated Planetarium Christmas 2023 by stellarnova
Updated Planet Minecraft Hider by xiggi
Updated 哔哩哔哩:拒绝无休止的信息流 by skyofsimba
Screenshot of YouTube 履歴ページ微改善
Updated YouTube 履歴ページ微改善 by hori68
Updated 雪球宽屏 by damaike