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Dark Arch screenshot
Updated Dark Arch by riedler
Eutropia screenshot
Updated Eutropia by riedler
reDARKTCHA screenshot
Updated reDARKTCHA by riedler
YouTube DeepDark Material screenshot
Updated YouTube DeepDark Material by raitarohikami
DuckDuckGo DeepDark screenshot
Updated DuckDuckGo DeepDark by raitarohikami
Stylus DeepDark screenshot
Updated Stylus DeepDark by raitarohikami
MyAnimeList DeepDark screenshot
Updated MyAnimeList DeepDark by raitarohikami
Jisho DeepDark screenshot
Updated Jisho DeepDark by raitarohikami
ProtonMail DeepDark screenshot
Updated ProtonMail DeepDark by raitarohikami
Flickr Widescreen (Part 1) v.203 screenshot
Deezer DarkCube screenshot
Updated Deezer DarkCube by cubedj21
Flickr Widescreen (Part 2) v.203 screenshot
Flickr WideScreen - Dark & Grey v.203 screenshot
GooGle - Multi-Columns Dark and Gray v.49.5 screenshot
Mozilla Addon Widescreen NEW design v.132 screenshot
Yahoo New Mail - Simply Dark and Gray - 2022 v.64 screenshot
R.E.S.F. Education Sans Frontieres-Dark/Grey v.15 screenshot
Stream - DuckDuckGo - Streaming Helper v.17 screenshot
Stream - Tolbek + Clones Widescreen v.40 screenshot
Flickr WideScreen (Viewer) - FlickRiver v.15 screenshot
Userscripts-mirror Helper v.10 screenshot
Flickr WideScreen (Viewer) - DACKR - v.7 screenshot
Soundcloud Hyper Dark screenshot
Updated Soundcloud Hyper Dark by junki
Dark-Telegram screenshot
Updated Dark-Telegram by roybarina
Dark My Nintendo screenshot
Updated Dark My Nintendo by codymkw
Blur for NSFW Themes screenshot
Updated Blur for NSFW Themes by codymkw
Updated DeepL Dark Mode for Reading by soney
USO Archive Dark screenshot
Updated USO Archive Dark by diyamund
Userscripts.org WideScreen Dark and Gray V.10 screenshot
Twitter for Mastodon screenshot
Updated Twitter for Mastodon by freeplay
Server-list Drawer [Fixed] screenshot
Updated Server-list Drawer [Fixed] by freeplay
Custom fonts screenshot
Updated Custom fonts by vednoc
JohnSmith777779#5715's Alt Hacker mode but without Sepia screenshot
Amazon - Dark slate screenshot
Updated Amazon - Dark slate by ryu1845
BetterDogeHouse screenshot
Updated BetterDogeHouse by pukima