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Donate!, Website, Fediverse I like creating things even though I'm not a very creative person.

If you find an issue with any of my styles, please click here to open an issue!



19 styles in total.

Twitter Tweaks screenshot
Updated Twitter Tweaks by freeplay
Cleaner Stylus screenshot
Updated Cleaner Stylus by freeplay
Twitter for Mastodon [Broken] screenshot
Updated Twitter for Mastodon [Broken] by freeplay
Server-list Drawer [Fixed] screenshot
Updated Server-list Drawer [Fixed] by freeplay
Discord | Fullscreen Inbox screenshot
Updated Discord | Fullscreen Inbox by freeplay
GreasyFork Modern (W/ Dark Mode) screenshot
Updated GreasyFork Modern (W/ Dark Mode) by freeplay
Mastodon | Custom Theme Color screenshot
Updated Mastodon | Custom Theme Color by freeplay
Accessibility Tools screenshot
Updated Accessibility Tools by freeplay
Google Docs Tweaks screenshot
Updated Google Docs Tweaks by freeplay
Better DuckDuckGo Layout (see notes) screenshot
Proton Suite Alternative Layout screenshot
Roblox Galaxy screenshot
Updated Roblox Galaxy by freeplay
Tutanota Modern screenshot
Updated Tutanota Modern by freeplay
DeltaMath Modern (Kanban View) screenshot
Updated DeltaMath Modern (Kanban View) by freeplay
Larger Codepen Preview screenshot
Updated Larger Codepen Preview by freeplay
Mastodon Modern screenshot
Updated Mastodon Modern by freeplay
Ecosia Modern screenshot
Updated Ecosia Modern by freeplay
Youtube - Spoiler videos with keywords screenshot
Mastodon Mobile: Swipeable navigation drawer screenshot